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It is our deepest blessing to be honored with the stewardship of our lands.  

At Helia Land Design, we believe in aligning with the ancient rhythms of nature, creating a place where the mundane becomes sacred and the simple and grand ceremonies of life emerge effortlessly. Bringing your land and home back into resonance by harmonizing your environment, we help you invite beauty, inspiration, connection and a deep sense of calm into your space- and into your life.

With decades of expertise as a full service landcare firm, we design and implement projects that range from the intimate to the bold. Our diverse skills are complimented by our ability to interface with conservation commissions, architects and engineers.

Our design process starts with the soil, the wind, the sun and the greater geographical context. These biological features are woven with the client’s needs and aesthetic choices. We create landscapes that are personal, ecologically intact and that speak to the surroundings, history and the culture of the region.


Our Promise

We are committed to creating landscapes that are personal, ecologically intact and that speak to the surroundings, history and the culture of the region.

Bridghe McCracken, Founder of Helia Land Design Land design for sacred and contemplative spaces


Experiencing Bridghe’s love and creation of our sacred space was incredible on so many levels. Her deep understanding of spirit and the land, interwoven with our subconscious needs for the essence of what both our land and our hearts desired, was truly transformative in ways words could never describe. Divine Authenticity. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— Lorraine
I rarely write testimonials but I make an exception here because Bridghe McCracken is, truth be told, an exceptional person.

She has a radar-like precision ability to tune into what is really the true essence of a space and the rare gift of being able to restore that space to its original sacred blueprint or even better.

As I search my mind for the right words to describe her work, I sit by the banks of the little river house Bridghe worked on for me, before I moved in. Thanks to her sensitivity, deep perceptiveness and her skill in clearing away the old to let the space sing it’s true song, my land is happy. And so am I.

Bridghe also did her magic at our lake house in Guatemala. It was a piece of land in great need of assistance. Centuries old layers of accumulated heavy, disturbing energy. It was a Herculean task I felt I could entrust to only Bridghe. She took up the challenge with her usual humility and trust in the process. It was a challenge! It required a level of understanding of the world of energy in all its layers. The Peruvians and Guatemalans call such people “Masters of energy”. That is the level Bridghe operates from. I could not recommend anyone more wise and more skilled in working with land and the dwellings that share the land. It is with gratitude that I recommend her.
— Claire Bebard
Working with Bridghe and Helia Land Design on our project has been a salve for the land and salve for our soul. At every stage of the process she held Ceremony; whether it was to honor the land before tree cutting or to clear stagnant energy and make way for abundance. Her work honors nature, the earth, and the landowners so impeccably— creating this sacred connection between all parties. She took in all of our desires and goals, connected deeply with the land and listened to its desires and needs, and then synthesized all of it into a gorgeous design that up leveled what we thought was possible. We enjoy working with her so much we made her become our friend.
— Erika Rose
Much more than gardeners or landscapers - the Helia staff paints with flowers and plants as surely as an accomplished artist would create. These pastoral living canvases are masterpieces of botanical excellence reflecting unsurpassed beauty.
— Bobbie
You’re immediately in a better place when Bridghe arrives to work. The command over potential options is awesome. Nature is always a priority when sorting the plan... and with prowess and awareness combining to create a no nonsense feel for the environment and your desires, what more can u ask for!
— David Santoro
In writing this review for Bridghe,  I want to be as open and honest as possible. At times the experience transcends words and at other times it brings images of a magic world that was been created on top of the land that I thought I owned. Of course I own my property, I pay my taxes… but with Bridghe’s expertise she was able to cultivate a healing process for the land and with her skillful guidance and “green Thumb” brought the land back to a vibrant oasis of life . So much, so…that I have to question the simple implication of land ownership. Can someone own something that gives us the platform to live and dance life on?  My property is rejuvenated and speaks to me in ways that I never felt before, and to go with my theme of honesty…. ways I didn’t think were possible.  If only Rumi were alive to conjure up words on how I feel.  When I take off my shoes and burry by toes in the grass, when I close my eyes and smell the aroma of fragrances that are emitted from the symphony of smells from the new community of life that flourishes with a smile that is invisible but noticeable in every way. If Paul Cézanne had his easel here would he be able to capture the ravishing landscape that I get to rest my head on? While I struggle with describing the beauty of Bridghe’s work, I can in great detail describe my experience with her. She is kind and compassionate, her love for landscape design goes much deeper than just picking out plants. Bridghe’s has a unique ability to not only read into my souls own desires, but she speaks to the land, the trees, the flowers and even the rocks and dirt to simply ask, what does it desire to be happy. And at the end of the day when the life that I am surrounded by is happy, it puts a smile on my face larger than the Milky Way galaxy.
— Rich
Bridghe came into our life before we even broke ground on the construction of our house. First, she educated us about our land and its varied soil compositions. Then, she helped us develop a master design plan that would, in stages, create loose, natural looking gardens close to the house; a fragrant thyme-and-lavender covered green roof; and a glorious wildflower meadow in the surrounding pasture. We chose plantings that were, with very few exceptions, native to the area and, as a result, we enjoy gardens that look amazing year-round and literally hum with life. Bridghe’s knowledge and her keen eye for design are extraordinary, as is her ability to take even the loosest ideas and make them into something coherent and beautiful. She is also singularly delightful to work with, and I looked forward to every single meeting. She and her team continue to be a wonderful part of our lives.
— Rachel Urquhart